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How to undelete deleted voicemail messages in iPhone

These questions are sought in the google search engine. I am now going to reveal to you how to handle it .. With iOS  7 and earlier versions. hopefully this article useful for you: D

Following steps to undelete deleted voicemail in iPhone :

  • Touch the Phone app.
  • Press the Voicemail icon in the bottom right.
  • In the list of voice mail , if you have deleted messages that have’’t been cleaned , you’ll see option called Deleted Messages (at the bottom ). Tap it.
  • Here you’ll see all the voicemails you’ve deleted that are still on your phone. To undelete the voicemail you want, touch it. In iOS
  • In iOS 7 , it will reveal several options under voicemail . In previous iOS 7, voice messages selected will be highlighted .
  • In iOS 7, tap Undelete beneath the selected voicemail. In previous iOS 7 tap Undelete at the bottom left.
  • Touch the Voicemail arrow icon at the top left to be returned to the main Voicemail menu and all undelete files that have been ready to be played
Source :  http://howto.article.shoppingcenterreview.com/how-to-undelete-deleted-voicemail-messages-in-iphone/

How to make easy french toast

How to make French Toast tasty and delicious ? ..prepare the necessary ingredients. Quietness and accuracy is the key to getting delicious French toast. : | … Lets get in on!

    • Non stick spray, or butter
    • 1 egg for every 2 slices of bread
    • 1/2 tspoon (3 ml) vanilla extract (vanilla essence, optional)
    • Cinnamon (Season to taste)
    • Bread
    • Icing Sugar, syrup, jam, etc.
    • Milk, 2 tablespoons per egg
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Source :  http://howto.article.shoppingcenterreview.com/how-to-make-easy-french-toast/